Weighbridge | Truck Scale Supplier in Bangladesh

Weighbridge | Truck Scale Supplier in Bangladesh

Weighbridge | Truck Scale Supplier in Bangladesh

100 Ton Truck Scale In Bangladesh 

Weighbridge | Truck Scale Supplier in Bangladesh l Load cell protection (IP 67) from shock and side loads
l Junction box (Summing 4, 6, 8 cells with trim capability)

l Wholly-enclosed cavity-shape scale for better strength, rigidity and anti-torsion df scale
l Quick to install-simple and optimized design of modular
l Longitudinally novel and easy connection and method of limit
l Integrated load cell modular for convenient installation on site
l Quality paint finish with shot blaster balll Non-slip surface-reduce accidents
l Reasonable price

Weighbridge | Truck Scale Supplier in Bangladesh LMT Truck scale is a excellent product developed on the basis of VIP customer. The design of our digital weighing bridge adopts the novel concept of modularization, which simplifies and optimizes the structure and facilitates the assembly.

It can become a weighing and measuring system easily by configuring high-precision load cells and multi function weighing instrument. The system features excellent measuring performance, optimum precision, reliable and stable operations and convenient installation and maintenance.

• Quick and easy installation modular design

• High-precision load cell is installed

Via LMT’s modular design, our customer can easily and quickly install LMT, reducing installation time and costs.

• Wholly-enclosed cavity – shape scale for better strength, rigidity and anti-torsion of scale

• Quick and easy to install – simple and optimized modular design

• Integrated load cell module for convenient installation on site

• Quality paint finish with shot blaster ball

• Non-slip surface with checked plate – Reduce accidents

• LMT Truck scales include the all stainless steel loadcell


l NT-600A (built-in printer truck scale indicator)
l Auxiliary display (display height : 2.3inch/3inch/4inch)
l Pit less type available
l TS-Works

l Local display
l Guide rail
l Unmanned Auto weighing system
l PC software

1. Galvanized Surface
Galvanized platter surface is strong against rusting.

2. TS-works
TS-works is PC program for truck scale. It is available to report by date,
vehicle, customer and product.

3. Endurance Enhancement Design (LMT)
U-shape construction- strengthen durability and bending

Scale Indicator

Compatible with all functions of model XK3190-A9;
∑-Δ high precision A/D conversion method, able to process input signal from -16mV to 18mV
Good consistency, no need to re-calibrate a scale if change the former indicator, high precision
DC power socket with anti-connect and anti-short circuit protection;
With strong anti-disturbance function
Standard function

AC/DC power supply, standard chargeable battery

7-bits 0.8 inch LED display, 3-level battery indications

Able to setup zero-tracking range, zero(auto/manual) range

With 2-point calibration correction function, 2 compensation calibration methods

Able to save 1001 weighing records, 1000 truck records consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight, 201 records of goods

Able to print across and upright weighing bill

Able to print different statistical reports

Standard RS232 communication interface(RS422/RS485 optional)

Standard scoreboard interface with current loop

Standard parallel print interface

Able to connect assigned thermal printer

XK3190-A9+P with built in printer

We will provide Double ended shear beam imported Load Cells, Zamic of stainless steel designed for overload protection, consistency in varying temperature, simple mounting and complete interchangeability. They are hermitically sealed for environment protection as per IP68. These super high precision load cells retain the highest degree of accuracy under all conditions.

Lode Cell

Nickel plated alloy steel IP68 dual shear beam lode cell

• High accuracy

• Suitable for truck, track, hopper and other electronic weighing devices

• Current calibrated (sc-option)