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Addressable Remote Indicator

//Addressable Remote Indicator

Addressable Remote Indicator

C-9314P Passive Remote Indicator


 LED indication available.

 Built-in current-limiting resistor.


Directly controlled by a detector, C-9314P Passive Remote Indicator (the indicator) is designed to display fire signals of the detector in the distance. According to the indication, people in the field can evacuate or dispose the fire alarm immediately.


The indicator can connect with conventional detectors like C-9101, C-9102, C-9103, DC-9101E, DC-9102E, DC-9103E, DC-M9102, DC-M9103, DC-M9101. Among those, DC-M9101, DC-M9102, and DC-M9103 are UL-certified

The indicator can connect with intelligent detectors such as I-9101, I-9102, I-9103, DI-9101E, DI-9102E, DI-9103E, DI-M9102, DI-M9103, DI-M9101. Among those, DI-M9101, DI-M9102, and DI-M9103 are UL-certified.


Operating Voltage 2.0VDC~3.0VDC

Operating Current Standby current : 0mA Action current ≤30mA

Indicator Red. It turns off when monitoring normally. Depending on the type of detector it’s connected to, it may either illuminate steadily or flash when an alarm comes. Please refer to the installation manual of the smoke detectors it’s connected to for alarm indication.

Operating Temperature 0℃~+37.8℃

Relative Humidity ≤85%, non condensing

Material and Color of Enclosure ABS, White (RAL 9016)

Dimension (L×W×H) 64.5mm×64.5mm×31.4mm

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