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Fire Hydrant Flow Switch

Flow Switch Pedal type water flow alarm switches are used in wet pipe systems to give information that water flow from 4-10gpm range has started. Water flow switches are used in foam fire extinguishing systems with a watery or closed sprinkler. They are used only in wet pipe systems. The alarm is displayed on the fire alarm [...]

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Fire Hydrant Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve Pressure reducing valve is used to reduce the pressures above the required pressure in the system. After the desired design pressure is obtained by hydraulic calculations, hydraulic calculations are made in other areas. Excessive pressures will be achieved in critical zones with the fire pump purchased at the maximum pressure and flow rate [...]

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Fire Hydrant Pressure Relief Valve

Relief Valve For high pressure (12 bar and over) pressure fire pumps with electric motors and diesel engines, relief (relief relief) valve is used to prevent overpressure to damage the system equipment . Advantages: Prevents damage to system equipment by draining excess pressure generated by diesel or electric fire pump to water tank or drain. Connection Type: Threaded and Flanged Inlet-Outlet [...]

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Fire Hydrant Flow Meter

Flow Meter The flowmeter is used to see if the fire pump flow rate is at the label values ​​and whether the flow rate of the pump is satisfied. Advantages; it helps us to see if the pump you are purchasing or assembling is really in the label values. Connection Type: Welding Neck and Grooved Working Pressure: 500psi Dimensions: [...]

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Fire Hydrant Check Valve

Check Valve The check valve is an integral part of a fire installation that permits one-way flow to the water, preventing damage to the equipment by preventing water return in the opposite direction. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Advantages; prevents damage to equipment. This is a financial gain. Cons; creates pressure loss. Connection Type: Thread, Wafer, Flanged or Grooved [...]

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Fire Hydrant Butterfly Valve with Switch

Butterfly Valve with Switch A butterfly valve used for separating one another from one another for use as a regional control valve; the position of the valves used in fire systems should be visible and traceable; The valve transmits the movement with the flywheel by means of a gearbox coupled to the shaft. In this way, open and [...]

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Fire Hydrant Y Type Strainer

DESCRIPTION EMACO UL Strainers are important components of piping systems to protect equipment from potential damage due to dirt and other particles that may be carried by the process fluid. No Leak – No Crush Screen Chambers are assured by precise machining of both ends of the chamber to provide perfectly round and smooth seating [...]

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Fire Hydrant Get valve

DESCRIPTION EMACO Gate valves serve to cut the medium flow in the fluid transmission system. It is widely use for fluid handling, flow control. It is designed to be fully opened or closed. On opening the gate valve, the flow path is enlarged in a highly non-linear manner with respect to percent of opening.EMACO Gate [...]

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Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints are expansion parts which absorb the vibration and noise. Due to their chemical composition and excellent shaping technique, they can be used at burst pressures above 40 kg / cm2 or at normal internal pressures of 10 kg / cm2. It can withstand 700 mm Hg vacuum and is an indispensable element of [...]

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Fire Pillar Hydrant

2 Way Fire Hydrant Model Description Outlet Inlet Body Type PH1001 Two Way Pillar Hydrant 2 X 2 1⁄2” Male Thread With Cast Iron Cap 4” PN16 to BS4504 Cast Iron Low Pressure PH1002 Two Way Pillar Hydrant With Oblique Landing Valve 2 X 2 1⁄2” Oblique Landing Valve With Female BS336 [...]

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