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Digital Scale Online BD

//Digital Scale Online BD

Digital Scale Online BD

Product Description

l Tilt (90˚C) and swivel (360˚C) head
l Aluminum die casting platform
l RS-232C interface
l Counting function

l Printer: DEP-50 (ticket)
l Wall-mount stand
l Wall mount tilt bracket
l Backlight (LCD type)
l Load cell cable 3 meter (W type)
l LED display
l VFD display

1. Pivot/Tilt Indicator
User can move the indicator box in all directions to have the best
viewable angle.

2. Rechargeable Battery
It is available without power outlet anywhere.

Model DB-II
Max.capacity (kg) 3/6 6/15 15/30 30/60 60/150 30/60 60/150
Readability (g) 1/2 2/5 5/10 10/20 20/50 10/20 20/50
Resolution 1/3,000(Dual interval)
Display digit 6 digits (Weight)
Display type LCD (LED) VFD
Operating temperature (˚C) -10 ~ +40
Power DC Adapter 100~220V
Platter Size (mm) 280(W) x 280(D) 420(W) x 510(D)
Dimensions (mm) 280(W) x 350(D) x530(H) 425(W) x 675(D) x 755(H)
Product weight (kg) 5 14.7 14

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