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Fire Alarm Bell

//Fire Alarm Bell

Fire Alarm Bell

GST-JL Alarm Bell


GST-JL Alarm Bell is used in a fire alarm system. When the system confirms a fire signal, control unit in the system will start it to alert people in field. GST-JL Alarm Bell has aluminum alloy cover, featuring light weight, high loudness, and easy installation. It is activated by a 24VDC motor driving a shaft and link rod without a relay. It has low power consumption and high reliability.


GST-JL Alarm Bell consists of the alarm bell body and a base. The base should be fixed on the wall firstly. Then connect control cable with the power supply. Then connect the power cable from the alarm bell body to power plug on the base, finally insert the bell body to the base.


  • Suit for indoor use;
  • Low current consumption;
  • High dB output, 95dB(A) at 1 metre;
  • Easy installation;


  • Operating Voltage:24VDC±15% (non polarized)
  • Operating Current:≤21mA (24VDC)
  • Output Sound Level:>95dB (24VDC)
  • Dimension:152mm

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