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Fire Alarm Loop Isolator

//Fire Alarm Loop Isolator

Fire Alarm Loop Isolator

Loop Isolator CC-9503E

Zonal Short Circuit Loop Isolator, Certificated by LPCB and UL

☆Isolates faulty part of the loop in the event of a short circuit

☆Automatically reset once the fault has been cleared

☆LED status indicator

☆LPCB Approved

☆Operating Voltage: Loop 24VDC

☆Standby Current≤ 0.15mA

☆Capacity:Maximum 70 devices between every two isolators

Maximum 128 isolators per loop

☆Operating Environment:

Temperature: 0℃ – +49℃

R elative Humidity: 93%

☆Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 43mm

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