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Best Industrial Fire Fighting Pump Supplier In BD

//Best Industrial Fire Fighting Pump Supplier In BD

Best Industrial Fire Fighting Pump Supplier In BD

Best Industrial Fire Fighting Pump Supplier In BD

Fire Fighting Pump Fire Boosters- NM Series

Fire Boosters

Description :

  • Is manufactured package type on a common base plate.
  • Ball bearing is used.
  • Sealing is provided with soft packing.
  • Suction – Discharge flanges are according to PN 16 (DIN 2533).

Technical Specifications :

Flow Rate (m3/h) : 22.7 …. 170
Head (m) : 40 – 90
Motor Speed (d/dk) : 2900

Application Areas

  • Military facilities
  • Hotels
  • Business and shopping centers
  • Factories
  • Stores
  • High buildings

Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers Company in Bangladesh

booster pump is a machine which will increase the pressure of a fluid. They may be used with liquids or gases, but the construction details will vary depending on the fluid. A gas booster is similar to a gas compressor, but generally a simpler mechanism which often has only a single stage of compression, and is used to increase pressure of a gas already above ambient pressure. Two-stage boosters are also made. Boosters may be used for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gas, charging gas cylinders and scavenging.

Booster pumps are usually piston or plunger type compressors. A single-acting, single-stage booster is the simplest configuration, and comprises a cylinder, designed to withstand the operating pressures, with a piston which is driven back and forth inside the cylinder. The cylinder head is fitted with supply and discharge ports, to which the supply and discharge hoses or pipes are connected, with a non-return valve on each, constraining flow in one direction from supply to discharge. When the booster is inactive, and the piston is stationary, gas will flow from the inlet hose, through the inlet valve into the space between the cylinder head and the piston. If the pressure in the outlet hose is lower, it will then flow out and to whatever the outlet hose is connected to. This flow will stop when the pressure is equalized, taking valve opening pressures into account.

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