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Fire Hydrant Butterfly Valve with Switch

//Fire Hydrant Butterfly Valve with Switch

Fire Hydrant Butterfly Valve with Switch

Butterfly Valve with Switch

A butterfly valve used for separating one another from one another for use as a regional control valve; the position of the valves used in fire systems should be visible and traceable; The valve transmits the movement with the flywheel by means of a gearbox coupled to the shaft. In this way, open and closed position information given by the dry contact automation system and valve is developed to see easily on the equipment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Advantages over other control and shut-off valves; small footprint, good sealing and more economical.
Cons; there is more pressure loss than the valves used for other control and cutting.

Connection Type:
Gear, Wafer and Grooved

Working Pressure:
175psi ~ 300psi

Maximum Operating Temperature:

1 ”- 12 Ölç

Material Structure:
– Body: ASTM A 536 Ductile Iron
– Disc: ASTM 395 (Nickel plated) Ductile Iron
– Shaft: ASTM 583 Type 416 Stainless Steel
– Gear Box: Cast Iron and Steel
– Gasket : EPDM
– Flywheel: Cast Iron

Area of ​​application:
Application area is very wide and it is used in many points of fire installation except powder and gas extinguishing applied places .

– UL Listed
– ULc Listed
– FM Approved

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