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Fire Hydrant Check Valve

//Fire Hydrant Check Valve

Fire Hydrant Check Valve

Check Valve

The check valve is an integral part of a fire installation that permits one-way flow to the water, preventing damage to the equipment by preventing water return in the opposite direction. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Advantages; prevents damage to equipment. This is a financial gain.
Cons; creates pressure loss.

Connection Type:
Thread, Wafer, Flanged or Grooved

Working Pressure:
175psi ~ 300psi

Maximum Operating Temperature:

1 Tip – 2 li Threaded Swing Type Ç.V.
2 V -12 Sw Flanged Connected Swing Type Ç.V.
2 ½ Ç – 12 afer Wafer Double Klapeli Ç.V.
2 ½ Ç – 12 li Grooved Double Valve Ç.V.

Application Area:
– In pump discharge line,
– In firefighting filling port ,
– In vertical fire column lines (as alarm check valve),
– In floor entrances (in multi-storey buildings with fire brigade)

– UL Listed
– ULc Listed
– FM Approved

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