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Horizontal Centrifugal Fire Pump

fire sprinkler installation companies Bangladesh XBD electric fire pumps are a kind of new type fire products researched and developed in full compliance with the state issued-newly standard of GB6245-2006 “Fire pump”, according to the end-user’s practical needs and special using requirements.


Product Introduction of XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump
XBC series diesel engine fire-fighting pump group is a new-style fire-fighting equipment developed in accordance with GB6245-98 and NEPA20 standard, and

upon the fitted fire-fighting pumps (single-stage single-suction type, single-stage double-suction type and sectional multistage type), can be divided into XBC-IS, XBC-S and XBC-D three sub series.

The equipment has a wide range of pressure and temperature and can be used for almost every occasion necessary for fire-fighting.
fire sprinkler installation companies Bangladesh

The diesel engine fitted with the equipment is an excellent product domestic or imported, features good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance and use and high degree of automation.

The equipment is really a fire-fighting one advanced and reliable in performance.


XBD series fire pumps are mainly used for the fixed fire hydrant fire system; automatic spraying fire system used by all sorts of organs, projects, high-floor buildings etc.

and can be transferred with the clear water without solid grain under 100 or its equivalence, also be used for public-used water providing system for fire, living, production, construction and municipality.


Before start:
1. Turning the clutch by hand, there should be no jammed phenomenon at the turner position.
2. Opening the inlet valve and the vent valve, letting the water fill into the pump’s chamber, then closing the vent valve.
3. Clicking the switch of motor, and confirming whether the turning is right or not.
1. Fully opening the inlet valves, and closing the valves of the outlet pipe.
2. Connecting the power, Opening the valves of the outlet pipe and adjusting the needed working point when the turning velocity is normal.
3. Watching whether there exist abnormities or not, if yes, should the pump be stopped and inspected before re-running.
1. After turning off the outlet valves one by one, shutting off the power.
2. Shutting off the inlet valves.
3. If the ambient temperature is below 0, some warm keeping measures should be adopted.