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Laboratory Moisture Analyser Bangladesh

//Laboratory Moisture Analyser Bangladesh

Laboratory Moisture Analyser Bangladesh

Product Description

l Halogen lamp method
l Perfect sealing
l Calibration report
l Check weighing (HI/GO/LO)
l Counting pieces
l Built-in RS-232C interface

l Printer (DEP-50)
l Charging battery pack
l Specific gravity measurement kit RS-232C cable

1. Halogen Lamp Method
It can be reduced time by 40% than original infrared rays by using
halogen lamp which is available for heating the detail section.

2. Perfect Sealing
It designed not to be influenced on wind and environment.

Model CMB-25 CXM50
Max.capacity (g) 110 52
Readability (g) 0.005 0.001
Moisture regain Min. capacit 0.05% 0.01%
Moisture regain allowable error 0.2%(3g sample), 0.05%(upward of 10g sample)
Heating Temperature range (˚C) +50 ~ +160(increase by each 5)
Heat source Halogen lamp
Display type LCD(Backlight included) VFD
External communication RS-232C Interface(Standard)
Power AC 220V 50/60Hz
Platter size (mm) Ø90 Ø100
Dimensions (mm) 218(D) x 340(W) x 177(H) 218(D) x 340(W) x 177(H)
Product weight (kg) 2.1 4.3

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