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Best Professional Water Pressure Booster System

//Best Professional Water Pressure Booster System

Best Professional Water Pressure Booster System

Best Professional Water Pressure Booster System

Water Pressure Booster System DM Series

Multi  Unit Boosters Pump

Description :

  • Single and multi-pump boosters with vertical, multi-stage pumps
  • The pumps have stainless steel body, shaft and impeller
  • All elements that come into contact with water are made of non-corrosion materials
  • Simple body and perfect balance provide for low noise and vibration.
  • Mechanical seal completely prevents leakage
  • Frequency control devices enable energy consumption.
  • High performance, safe operationj and easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications :

Flow Rate (m3/h) : 1 – 80 (4×80)
Head (m) : 0 – 170
Operating Pressure (bar) : 30
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/dk) : 2900
Operating Temperature : -15 – 120°C

Application Area:

  • Apartment and houses
  • Drinking water and utility water systems
  • Supply of process and fire extinguishing water
  • School, business center and social facilities
  • Hotels and holiday villages
  • Industrial plant and factories

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Boosters may be driven by an electric motorhydraulics, low or high pressure air or manually by a lever system. Those powered by compressed air are usually linear actuated systems, where a pneumatic cylinder directly drives the compression piston, often in a common housing, separated by a seal. A high pressure pneumatic drive arrangement may use the same pressure as the output pressure to drive the piston, and a low pressure drive will use a larger diameter piston to multiply the applied force. 

booster pump is a machine which will increase the pressure of a fluid. They may be used with liquids or gases, but the construction details will vary depending on the fluid. A gas booster is similar to a gas compressor, but generally a simpler mechanism which often has only a single stage of compression, and is used to increase pressure of a gas already above ambient pressure. Two-stage boosters are also made.Boosters may be used for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gas, charging gas cylinders and scavenging.

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