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Best Powerful Electric Fire Pump In Bangladesh

//Best Powerful Electric Fire Pump In Bangladesh

Best Powerful Electric Fire Pump In Bangladesh

Best Powerful Electric Fire Pump In Bangladesh

Electric Fire Pump DM Series

Multi and Single Pump Unit Boosters

Description :

  • The DM serie boosters consist of two to four multi-stage, vertical shaft centrifugal pumps.
  • The boosters can be operated automatically or manually. The boosters should be operated automatically unless necessary otherwise.
  • Level floaters of the booster set prevent the pump from functioning without water.
  • In order to reduce the number of stops and restarts, a pressure stabilizing tank of convenient volume is utilized.
  • The pump and the motor are connected by means of a rigid coupling.
  • Water should enter the suction port from a straight path a via the shortest way possible (Multi Pump)
  • The diameter of the suction port of the tank cannot be smaller than the diameter of the suction port on the pump (Multi Pump)
  • Pump rotation is clockwise when viewed from the motor end. ( Multi Pump)

Technical Specifications :

Flow Rate (m³/h) : 2 … 60 (Single Pump)
0…..240 (Multi Pump)
Head (m) : 20 … 150
Operation Pressure : 16 bar (Single Pump)
8 bar (Multi Pump)
Motor Speed ​​Range (d/d) : 2900 … 3600
Suction Flange : 1¼”  – 3”
Discharge Flange : 1¼”  – 2”

Application Area:

  • Apartments and residences
  • Drinking water and water utilization systems
  • Providing water for processes and fire fighting
  • School, business and social facilities
  • Hotels and holiday villages
  • Industrial plants, factories

Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers Company in Bangladesh

fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and powered by electric, diesel or steam. The pump intake is either connected to the public underground water supply piping, or a static water source (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake). The pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system risers and hose standpipes. A fire pump is tested and listed for its use specifically for fire service by a third-party testing and listing agency, such as UL or FM Global. The main code that governs fire pump installations in North America is the National Fire Protection Association‘s NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection.

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