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Rubber Expansion Joints

//Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints are expansion parts which absorb the vibration and noise. Due to their chemical composition and excellent shaping technique, they can be used at burst pressures above 40 kg / cm2 or at normal internal pressures of 10 kg / cm2. It can withstand 700 mm Hg vacuum and is an indispensable element of pump systems in suction and discharge. Rubber compensators have a heat resistant structure. Due to these properties, they can be used in hot water systems. Due to the very soft skeleton structure, Rubber Expansion Joints isolate vibration and intense noise in all directions and prevent noise formation.

Other advantages:
– They absorb elongation and shortening due to temperature changes, and compensate for lateral and angular movements.
– Absorb the water and prevent the impact of the ram.
– Flanges can be easily mounted on pipelines as they are rotating type. They can also be equipped with flanges suitable for each pressure stage.
– They do not require gaskets or seals.

Material Structure:
Special synthetic rubber

Rotary Flanged.

Nominal Diameter:
DN32 (1 1/4 “) – DN600 (24”)

Pressure Values:
Max. Up to 10 bars. The operating pressure depends on the nominal diameter and the operating temperature.

Temperature Range:
from 10 ° C to + 90 ° C according to material structure

– Pumps
– Fans
– Coolers
– Cooling towers
– Air compressors
– Air condition and ventilation systems
– Power plants
– Iron and steel industry
– Shipyard
– Ship industry
– Paper and pulp industry

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