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Test and Drain Valve

//Test and Drain Valve

Test and Drain Valve

Test and Drain Valve

In the sprinkler installation, the same orifice diameter as the k factor of the smallest orifice sprinkler used is used for testing and maintenance purposes. Advantage; There is a sight glass on it to observe the venturi formed by the water flow test and drain valve orifice. A single valve can be used to discharge both the test and the line.

When determining the size of the test and drain valve, the line diameter is checked. In addition, the orifice diameter should have the same orifice diameter as the used sprinkler model.

Test and drainage valve table

Connection Type:
Threaded and Grooved

Working Pressure:

1 ”- 2 Ölç

K Orifice:
k: 80, k: 115, k: 160, k: 200, k: 242, k: 320, k: 360

Material Structure:
– Body: Brass
– Sphere: Disc: Chrome plated
– Gasket: Teflon

Area of ​​application:
Sprinklers are used in all constructions.

– UL Listed
– ULc Listed
– FM Approved

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