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The Best Professional Truck Scale In Bangladesh

//The Best Professional Truck Scale In Bangladesh

The Best Professional Truck Scale In Bangladesh

The Best Professional Truck Scale In Bangladesh

40 Ton Capacity Product Description

l Load cell protection (IP 67) from shock and side loads
l Junction box (Summing 4, 6, 8 cells with trim capability)

l Wholly-enclosed cavity-shape scale for better strength, rigidity and anti-torsion df scale
l Quick to install-simple and optimized design of modular
l Longitudinally novel and easy connection and method of limit
l Integrated load cell modular for convenient installation on site
l Quality paint finish with shot blaster balll Non-slip surface-reduce accidents
l Reasonable price

l NT-600A (built-in printer truck scale indicator)
l Auxiliary display (display height : 2.3inch/3inch/4inch)
l Pit less type available
l TS-Works

l Local display
l Guide rail
l Unmanned Auto weighing system
l PC software

1. Galvanized Surface
Galvanized platter surface is strong against rusting.

2. TS-works
TS-works is PC program for truck scale. It is available to report by date,
vehicle, customer and product.

3. Endurance Enhancement Design (LMT)
U-shape construction- strengthen durability and bending

NO Max.capacity (ton) Readability Size (m) Length (mm) L/C Q’y (EA)
1 40 10 3×6 6,250 4
Size Max.capacity (t) Dead Weight Sections/unit length Q’tyof
3X12m 40 7 2/5.8+5.8m 4 Upper Plate
Use12t check plate

The Best Professional Truck Scale In Bangladesh A Truck scale (US), weighbridge (non-US) or railroad scale is a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.

A single axle truck scale or axle weighing system can be used to check individual axle weights and gross vehicle weights to determine whether the vehicle is safe to travel on the public highway without being stopped and fined by the authorities for being overloaded. Similar to the full size truck scale these systems can be pit mounted with the weighing surface flush to the level of the roadway or surface mounted.

Truck Scale In Bangladesh

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