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UL Listed Addressable Smoke Detector

//UL Listed Addressable Smoke Detector

UL Listed Addressable Smoke Detector

DI-M9102 Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector


☆ Fault self-diagnostic
☆ A magnet test available
☆ Providing for connections to remote indicators
☆ Built-in microprocessor stores 14 history data
☆ Polling LED can be set to OFF
☆ Standard: UL268

Technical Specifications

☆ Operating voltage: Loop 24VDC(16VDC~28VDC)
☆ Operating current:
Standby current: 0.8mA
Alarm current:≤1.8mA (without remote indicator)
≤ 3.8mA (with remote indicator)
☆ Sensitivity Range: 1.23%~3.20% per ft
☆ Operating Environment:
Temperature: 0℃ ~+37.8℃
Relative Humidity: 95%
☆ Dimensions: Diameter: 100mm Height: 44.5mm (without base)

Download:DI-M9102 Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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